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The song "Walking in Circles" by Philip Lee Woolf featuring Dominic Edmunds & Neal Williams can be purchsed from

Legbars of Broadway 

All profits from the song will be donated to Compassion in World Farming


Listen to our interview with Anne Marie McAleese from BBC Radio Ulster, Your Place & Mine




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(Nut House Interview starts at 11:50 to end)




Further Information & Links

On this page I have included links to the British Hen Welfare Trust(BHWT) & Little Hen Rescue. Both these organisations are based in mainland UK and have years of experience rescuing and re-homing battery hens. Their knowledge & experience extends far beyond my own and I felt that visitors to Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing who would like further information would greatly benefit from these two sites. Should you know of any other sites you would like me to include links to, please email me on


To adopt a hen in mainland UK, please contact :-

               Little Hen Rescue 



For Information on caring for your new hens;

                      Little Hen Rescue






For advice from an experienced, although somewhat eccentric bunch of hen owners (aka Chuckle Sisters & Brothers)


"Life as a Battery Hen"


Please Watch this next one. Its hard hitting, but it needs to be seen


An amazing woman, Solarbats, from with her ex batts, Faith Hope & Charity. When Solarbats first took them in they couldnt even stand up. Please watch both videos to see what CAN be done


Here are three more videos from Solarbats who has done amazing work with her hens. Each video shows just how clever chickens really are. Point to ponder... If they can understand games like these then surely they can feel the pain and discomfort when packed into wire cages. Hens, just like our other pets require stimulation to keep them happy.








Nut House Hen Rescue & Rehoming is the trading name for Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue, Company Number NI611869 & Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address is The Nut House, 16 Nut Hill Road, Moira, BT67 0PH. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue is a non profit organisation registered as a charity with HMRC, registration number XT34198