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Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-hroming was born on 11/11/2011g
Hens rescued to date:



If you are interested in adopting some ex-battery hens, please complete the booking form below and I will keep you informed of the rescue dates as they approach. Please make sure you READ the terms and conditions.


We request a minimum donation of £6 a hen and will not re-home for any less. 



Please ensure you enter the number of hens you are willing to adopt and tick the "terms and conditions" box.
Thank you.


**Please do not book hens unless you are 100% sure that you will collect them. We can only re-home hens that we have homes for and we bring out numbers in line with our bookings. Cancellations after the rescue date mean we have to find new homes and this can take time and costs the charity valuable funds having to house and feed the hens until homes can be found.



You can also Email us directly with enquiries about re-homing

or Phone us on
+447973 270133


Adoption Request
Contact Email
Contact Phone Number
Number of hens you would like to adopt
You have read and agree to our terms and conditions of adoption
You Understand that a MINIMUM donation of £6 a hen will be required
you confirm you have never been convicted for any animal welfare crimes and have not been banned from owning any animals
Flock number


Please click below for terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of adoption



Please note that a minmum donation of £6 will be requested for each hen you adopt. All donations will go towards the rescue and re-homing of battery hens and any veterinary treatment, feed and bedding they require whilst at the Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing center





Nut House Hen Rescue & Rehoming is the trading name for Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue, Company Number NI611869 & Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address is The Nut House, 16 Nut Hill Road, Moira, BT67 0PH. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue is a non profit organisation registered as a charity with HMRC, registration number XT34198