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Terms and conditions



We are very strict to which homes our hens go to, we aren't always able to do a home check for small numbers of hens before they go, but we do for larger amounts.

We will require your Flock Licence number at time of adoption. We will not release ANY hens with out this

We require a minimum donation of £6 per hen, anything over and above this is at your own discretion 



A minimum donation of £6 per hen will be required. ( For larger numbers, over 25, an agreed donation can be negotiated)


All funds will be used by Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-Homing for the rescue and re-habilitation of battery hens.



We do allow hens to go to:

- New hen owners (advice will be supplied if needed)

- Pet homes

- Small holders



We expect owners to be prepared to give hens:

- The upmost care

- Suitable shelters

- Protection from predators (dogs, foxes, weasles, rats)

- Access to the outside

- Veterinary care if needed

- Regular wormers

- Regularly cleaned and dissinfected hen house

- Fresh drinking water

- Daily food



We do not allow:

-Single hens to be rehomed unless its to a home that only has

  one hen already

- People that do not intend to keep them until they die a

   natural death

- Them to go to anyone under 18 yrs old, unless they are to be

   kept at their parents property with the parents consent and

   signature to confirm they will monitor the care

- People that just want cheap chickens

- Them to go into the food chain



We state a strict 'No Cull' policy unless the hen is seriously ill or injured. Broken wings, and sprained legs do not count as a serious injury as they can be treated and fixed.


We reserve the right to carry out an "after adoption" home visit to ensure the hens are being well looked after.

Any cases of obvious neglect or ill treatment will result in the hens being removed immediately and returned to Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing centre. 


Hens may not be passed on to third parties and if you find you are unable to look after them they must be returned to Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing where a suitable home will be found. Donations are not refundable.


Your details will be stored in Nut House Hen Rescue & Re-homing's database in case of future check up/home visit. If asked by DARDNI we would have to disclose your details, this would only be in an emergency disease control matter. We will not use your details for any other purpose.



On adopting your hens you will be asked to sign a form to say that you agree to the above terms and conditions.



If you are unhappy with any of the terms and conditions please do not apply for hens as you will be refused.Thank you.


Unwanted or Found Hens and Roosters

Our Policy

We rescue commercially discarded hens at point of slaughter. We do not normally take in "unwanted" pet hens nor "found" hens nor do we have the space to take on roosters / cockerals.
Saying this, if I have a spare confinement area where I can put hens into quatantine for 2-3 weeks I will take these hens in, but we will require a donation to be made to the charity of £10 per hen with a minimum donation of £20.
Please remember we are self funding and can not afford to feed, house and medicate any hens that people have got "fed up" with. In taking in hens we are running the risk of cross infection of our own special girls of which quite a few have low immune systems and cant afford to be exposed to illness.
With regards to roosters we are unable to take any here but we are willing to advertise them on our website and facebook page for re-homing for a small donation. We are also happy for you to bring your roosters here on rehoming days for rehomers to see when they are collecting their hens (only by prior arrangement and again we will require a donation) This particular method we have found very successful for rehoming roosters and I to date over 20 roosters have been rehomed on rescue weekends.
Thank you




 This is a copy of the form you will be required to sign. Please complete the form on our "Re-home some hens page" The form below is only a sample

Adoption Agreement
Phone Number
Full Address
Number of hens adopted
You have received a copy of our terms & conditions and agree to adhere to them
You understand that we will hold your details in case of future check up/ home visit and if asked by DARDNI we would have to disclose your details.This would only be in an emergency disease control matter. We will not use your details for any other purposes.
Would you like to receive information on future rescue dates, by email
Would you be interested in volunteering on Rescue days





Nut House Hen Rescue & Rehoming is the trading name for Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue, Company Number NI611869 & Registered in Northern Ireland. Registered address is The Nut House, 16 Nut Hill Road, Moira, BT67 0PH. Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue is a non profit organisation registered as a charity with HMRC, registration number XT34198